Where can I get help?

As Apitherapy is not an approved form of treatment in the United States, there is no “official” list of Apitherapists.  The American Apitherapy Society both educates about and promotes Apitherapy, but it may not certify anyone as an apitherapist. AAS has created a Network, which is a list we provide to our members only, for them to be able to contact people who are involved with apitherapy.  There is an understanding by those on the Network that their names and information will only be shared with AAS members, and not with the public at large. The Network members indicate that they are apitherapists, beekeepers, or patients/family members who have some experience with apitherapy.

Those people who consider themselves Apitherapists usually have treated people over a period of years and have therefore developed a knowledge of the principles and practice of apitherapy.  Most have taken the courses and attended conferences offered by the American Apitherapy Society.  Some are also beekeepers, while others are patients or family members who have used apitherapy and have agreed to tell about their experiences.  And some people on the Network list are only beekeepers, who usually have information on people providing apitherapy.

All AAS members are eligible to be on the Network, and usually sign up when joining AAS. If you sign up to be on the Network you may be contacted by phone or e-mail for information about your experience.  We hope you will consider joining, in order that we increase the number of Network members and provide this service to people in all regions of the United States as well as in other countries. You can remain on the Network as long as your membership is current, or until you wish to be removed.

If you did not join the network when you registered and would like to, you may update your profile, and join the Network.  If you have questions about this, contact us.


To learn about Apitherapy:  Attend one of our courses and conference.  The AAS does provide an Annual Course and Conference (CMACC), where a basic apitherapy course is given and additional information is provided in a conference format.  Check under “About Apitherapy” for the Course/Conference information and see samples of previous programs, speaker profiles, and other material.