The AAS Newsletter is published monthly and is distributed to all AAS members, expired members, and all those who are not necessarily members of AAS who request to receive our newsletter. Our newsletter is used to communicate and keep the momentum of interest going in the world of Apitherapy. We do everything we can to find articles and information of interest related to Apitherapy and bring it to the foreground so that it can become mainstream in more people’s lives and their quest for good health.The AAS also uses the newsletter to communicate with members and non members about what is happening with the AAS itself, to announce our events, and to share events from other organizations. The AAS Newsletter is free and does not include a membership to the AAS. We welcome any articles that you may have pertaining to Apitherapy, so please send them our way to and we will do our best to publish them in the newsletter after review. Please join our newsletter mailing list and feel free to browse our past issues available here.


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