The Journal of the American Apitherapy Society is published quarterly by the American Apitherapy Society and is sent to all members as one of their membership benefits. The Journal is sent to current members as a PDF via Email. Many AAS members choose to receive their Journal as a paper copy by regular mail in addition to receiving it as a PDF via email at a small additional cost to their memberships. See the membership fee schedule for details.

Letters, articles, and personal accounts related to apitherapy are welcome for publication and authors of published articles will receive a one year free membership to the AAS. All materials printed in the AAS Journal become the property of the AAS. For Guidelines, see Submit Articles.

Below we offer you 3 sample journals. Also available on the website under the “About AAS” tab you can find an index to all articles published in the journals since 2005. This list is updated regularly as new journals are published. When you become a member of AAS you can enjoy reading past issues of the journal which are available in the Members Only section of the website dating back to 2009. We welcome your support. Join, Donate, Participate!

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