Primary Goals:

• Educate, advance, and help foster knowledge of substances produced by the honey bee (Apis Melifera): honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and  bee venom; or products derived from the hive
• Encourage a collective membership of interested people to include, but not limited to, health professionals, scientists, herbalists, and bee keepers, and persons who have benefited from, or are getting benefit from Apitherapy, to strengthen the network of support and communication nationally and internationally
• Promote cooperation and collaboration between patients, practitioners, and health care providers, interested in incorporating the therapeutic use of Apitherapy. (by including practitioner, it includes the non-licensed person i.e. same as an herbalist).
• Encourage the development of high standards of education, competency, and professionalism around the appropriate uses of Apitherapy.
• Serve as a resource for, and liaison to other professional associations and regulatory agencies
• Honor diversity in Apitherapy by helping to disseminate information; ranging from the indigenous and traditional application, to modern clinical pharmacology of Apitherapy through regional meetings, an annual national conference, journal, and web site.
• Encourage the concept of wellness, by promoting an ecological mindset and increased awareness of the environmental and health benefits relating to the honey bee. 
• Move towards membership as a recognizable standard of competency
• Move towards actively supporting research