As an editor by trade and a generalist by temperament, I’ve moved around a lot, both geographically and professionally. Graduate study and jobs in the nonprofit sector—for Planned Parenthood, the Smithsonian Institution, the United Nations Population Fund, CARE, and Carnegie Corporation of New York—have taken me to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to central Africa, and to Boston, Washington, and New York.

When I came to the AAS in 2003, it was not a beekeeper, apitherapist, or patient. Rather, with master’s degrees in public health and journalism, I was seeking adventure. I’ve not been disappointed! Editing the Journal has launched me on a new path, providing an introduction not only to apitherapy but also to natural medicine, honeybees, and the AAS’s dynamic members. In addition, my online and phone conversations with Frederique Keller have helped refresh my fluency in French—a skill developed nearly 30 years ago in Africa.
Though relishing city life, I am at heart a country girl who loves gardening and spending time in the great outdoors. My husband, Sidney Whelan—a semi-retired lawyer, foundation executive, and editor—and I are now happily ensconced in the shoreline town of Old Lyme, Connecticut. There, and in Vermont and the Adirondacks, we enjoy cross-country skiing, hiking, and camping.