Michael Szakacs, The year was 1996 and Mike was living and working in Hungary when he became so ill that he was admitted to the hospital. His sister from Connecticut was inspired to send him Charles Mraz’s book, “Health and the Honeybee” and the rest he says is history.  “Apitherapy changed my life in an incredible way and I have been captivated and amazed by this approach to healing ever since.” Mike was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut where he received a BS degree from the University of Bridgeport. Upon graduating he moved to Europe and spent 10 years working in Hungary and Scotland completing an MBA degree at the University of Edinburgh. Presently Mike lives in Boynton Beach, Florida with his wife Katalin, his daughter Roxanne, and their dogs, cats and honeybees. Michael has worked in the field of finance and accounting for his entire career and currently works as the Revenue Manager for the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. Michael is an apitherapy patient, a therapist, and a beekeeper from when it all started back in 1996. “I was my first patient and successfully treated myself for psoriatic arthritis. I have been an AAS member since 1998 and attended my first CMACC in 2004 (Stamford, CT).”  Additionally Mike is an associate member of the Hungarian Apitherapy Society (Magyar Apiterapias Tarsasag) since 2013 and in his spare time enjoys cooking and playing ice hockey. Michael recently attended CMACC 2015 in New York where he offered his services to become an AAS Board member joining us as Treasurer.