I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin near Lake Michigan in a family consisting of my parents, grandparents, two sisters and one brother.  We lived in a new neighborhood at the edge of town with woods behind the house and farm fields across the street where I spent most of my time exploring every plant and creature I could find.  I was always outside no matter what the weather and it is still where I spend most of my time. As a little girl I even took naps laying outside on the grass in the shade.  From early childhood on I felt a deep connection with the earth and all of creation.  My very first memory is of asking my dad for some seeds to plant in the family garden.  In the Wisconsin climate we experienced the extremes of the seasons.  Most every winter I would find an injured and usually partially frozen rabbit or mink and bring it home to try to save it.  During the summer we would spend several weeks at my great aunt and uncles farm in sand country in central Wisconsin.  We kids got to roam over an entire section encompassing pastures, woodlands, fields of crops and a river.  Our chores were to hoe the truck garden and gather and size eggs for sale. It is there that I saw my first beehive and completely curious and fascinated, I vowed that someday I would have bees of my own.  These experiences combined with my love of people and developing interest in healing shaped the path I would later take.

In the 1980’s I moved to Washington State where my love of plants lead me to pursue a degree in botany from the University of Washington.  I have worked as an environmental consultant for almost 20 years roving through wetlands in the beautiful Puget Sound Basin.  I taught botany labs for several years at UW and it was a beekeeping student who gave me my first beehive. 

Even before I had my first hive, beekeeping friends familiar with apitherapy loaned me a stack of past AAS Journals piquing my interest and introducing me to the American Apitherapy Society.  They also stung me for tendonitis and tight muscles across my shoulders giving me first-hand experience of the efficacy of apitherapy.  In 2005 I attended my first Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course in Los Angeles and became hooked wanting to learn all I could about this fascinating topic. 

I now live outside Issaquah, WA in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range with my husband, dog, cat, and bees.  The woods are full of critters with which we share our land. I enjoy my gardens and tending my bees in this quiet, peaceful setting.  The people I treat with apitherapy appreciate coming to this setting and often spend extra time walking through the garden.  My son lives in the area and helps me take care of the property.  I especially love fall when everything is ripe and there is a rich musky smell in the air.  I have been studying Spanish for about four years and someday might be fluent enough to treat native Spanish speakers.  In 2005 I became a member of AAS and a board member in 2008 so as to pursue and promote the healing properties of the honeybees and the wonderful products they produce.  I am continually amazed and humbled as those whom  I treat receive relief and healing from honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, or bee venom therapy the bees provide.  The excellent support by AAS instructors has encouraged me and helped me hone my skills in working with the bees to bring healing.