Jim Higgins, who lives in Hillsboro, Ohio, is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science.  He and his wife live on a 274 acre farm and raise grain, hay and Christmas trees.  They have four grown children.

He and his son Dave own and operate the Higgins Construction & Supply Co., a manufacturer of steel roofing and siding that also sells building materials and rents tools.

Jim is a beekeeper and President of the Highland County Beekeepers Association. He is also on the Board of the American Apitherapy Society (AAS) and the Ohio State Beekeepers Association.  He studied Bee Venom Therapy under the world master Charles Mraz of Middlebury, Vt., and has visited China twice on the subject of Apitherapy.

Jim administers bee stings at his home to those who come, and has trained a number of practicing bee venom therapists.  He teaches at the AAS courses, and has lectured on Apitherapy in the US, Canada and Cuba.  He has also produced a three part video on Bee Venom Therapy.  Jim has authored articles published in “Bee Culture,” “The American Bee Journal,” and the Journal of the AAS. 

Among his fellow beekeepers, he is known as “Dr. Sting.”