I was born in Lima, Ohio in 1947 and did not know, for 50 years, that I would become devoted to the health benefits of honeybees.   Pursuing an interest in beekeeping, I had heard that beestings helped mitigate or even eliminate arthritis and I suffered immensely from osteoarthritis.  In the nineties, there was less information available than now, but I found and joined the American Apitherapy Society.  By the time I was actually an amateur beekeeper, I was also in the throes of a health crisis involving a bone infection and the probable re-amputation of a leg.   Through the advice of Dr. Theo Cherbuliez of the AAS, I used bee stings to combat the condition.  I wrote “The Revitalizing Power of Bee Venom Therapy,” in the AAS Journal, detailing that formative experience (www.wholepropolis.com/JOURNAL.pdf ).  The success of that self-treatment left me wanting to learn everything I could possibly know about “apitherapy.” 

There is now more and more information on bee products and health but most of the knowledge has resided with people, rather than in written documentation or serious research.   My search for knowledge has led me to many arcane, and sometimes out of print publications, but mostly it has led me to people.  I have attended, both as a student and later as a teacher, the courses offered by AAS.  They are invaluable opportunities to speak with some of the most experienced apitherapists available and I always learn something new.  I was fortunate enough to be the only North American student to attend the International Apitherapy Course in 2002, given by the faculties of Apimondia’s Commission on Apitherapy and The Department of Alternative Medicine of the Republic of Cuba.  It was a unique opportunity to spend a week in discussion and conversation with pioneers in the field whose work I had previously read.

My profession has been in the financial field, working for commodity trading companies and I currently work on environmental regulation for a major petroleum importing company.   I currently live in Port Chester, NY, with my wife, Nancy, son, Noah, and daughter, Katie.

I continue to devote time and effort to Apitherapy, to the development of new ideas in this field, and specifically to the composition and uses of propolis.  My personal research to produce a highly bio available form of propolis that maintained the integrity of the natural product was successful, and I now manufacture this product under the name of GlenHeaven Propolis.  It was with a great deal of pride and satisfaction that I received a medal at Apimondia 2007 in Melbourne, Australia for innovation in the use of products from the hive.

Both as a member of the Board of AAS, and as an individual, I look forward to working and growing with everyone in our common quest to help each other toward health with the medicine of the bees.