Born in Paris, France I spent my early years living with my mother, father, sister and grandmother in a small village in North Western Brittany called Le Finisterre, “End of the Earth.” It did seem like that especially during the long damp rainy winters playing dominos or listening to the radio. The native language spoken was “Breton” not unlike the Celtic dialect of our neighbors across the English Channel and French. There was neither television nor indoor plumbing. We learned to sew, cook, plant a garden, and make our own preserves and cure meat.  I walked far to school each day and returning home would stop at the farm next door to milk the cow who wasn’t terribly fond of a young girl and would flip back her tail at me.  We grew all our vegetables and killed our own chickens and rabbits instilling early on a deep connection and respect for nature that nurtured the relationship between the earth and her bounty. Fresh hazelnuts and chestnuts were abundant and watercress grew in the river. We also learned to fish, clam and gather crabs and abalone from the tide pools along the granite coast returning home to prepare homemade wholesome meals.  We were raised naturally with homeopathy and without anti-biotics and my grandmother would often use honeybees from the yard to sting her knees for arthritis and other times she would decoct native plants for headaches and other common ailments.  The skills and wisdom learned during those years would be the healing thread that I would carry my entire life.

Before moving to the US my family spent 31/2 years living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia further exploring and deepening an understanding of other cultures and customs.  My mother, sister, and I spent countless hours perusing the food and spice market (souk) while my father worked meeting wonderful local people who graciously shared their food, their lives, and their stories.   At this time my father taught us how to sail, swim and snorkel in the Red Sea and my sister and I collected beautiful intricate seashells.  The passion of the sea and sailing led me later in life to develop a love for scuba diving.  We spent summers in Beirut with wonderful Lebanese friends enjoying the sounds and smells of traditional food.

Eventually we moved to the States where I learned English and assimilated into yet another lifestyle.

Later I returned to Paris to attend the Pierre et Marie Curie School of Medicine and had the opportunity to be professionally trained as a chef by my Aunt who owned a Brasserie for many years near the Eiffel Tower.  I worked in the restaurant in exchange for rent and meals while I attended school.

That year I was injured during a ski trip to Switzerland and my life took an unexpected turn when I was treated back in Paris by an acupuncturist/naturopathe. It was during that healing crisis that I realized that I wanted to formally study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine not only for it’s immense body of history and ancient knowledge, but as a forum for incorporating classical homeopathy, herbs, and bee venom therapy.  So the thread continued to weave the fabric of what has led me to this point in my life incorporating a love of nature, the bees and all their healing gifts from the hive.

Before all that happened however, I worked as a translator for Citicorp and then took a job with Swissair for several years satisfying my wanderlust by traveling extensively through Central and South America, Europe and Asia.
I love different cultures and relish the languages that enable us to communicate with each other and make us more appreciative, compassionate and tolerant of each others’differences.

Now in NY I am a licensed acupuncturist, medical herbalist in a private practice that also incorporates classical homeopathy and bee venom therapy as well as utilizes honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee bread where applicable.  I also work in a second office specializing in sports and spinal injuries.  I recently started teaching people how to cook healthy fantastic dishes easily and with passion.

 My husband and I have been beekeepers for 20 years and thoroughly enjoy the apiculture and apitherapy experiences it provides.  I have been a member of the American Apitherapy Society since 1985 and never grow weary in the endeavor of sharing knowledge and educating people on   the healing energy of the honeybees.  I am also a lover of all sentient beings great and small and enjoy rescuing whatever creature falls in my path including raccoons, prairie dogs, and a woodpecker as of late.

I enjoy the rhythm of all seasons and especially love the Winter where I regularly enjoy figure skating, skiing, and snowshoeing.