Amelia Moody, LMT, I love to spend time with Nature and all of the elements that contribute to the sustaining cycles of Life. I thrive when I have my hands in the dirt.  Cultivating, studying and creating remedies with bioregional botanical medicines is a continual life learning and deep passion. I have been living in the high desert of the Southwest for the last 21 years. For the last 12 years I have been cultivating a medicinal botanical urban garden in Santa Fe, NM. The onelovehoneybee urban backyard medicine garden was featured on the 2015 Sustainable garden and coop tour, an annual fundraiser for HomegrownNewMexico. My high desert urban garden consists of several raised garden beds of edible, medicinal, pollinator botanicals, fruit trees, cacti garden, roof water harvesting, chickens and backyard beehives. I have been tending to backyard beehives for the last 11 years and studying and self treating with apitherapy for the last 10 years. I create remedies utilizing the medicinal beehive products along with cultivated and wildcrafted local plants. I have been a full time natural therapeutics specialist and holistic bodyworker for the last 18 years . Many modalities and trainings are included in my practice. A few are hotstone massage, polarity therapy, ortho bionomy, cranio sacral, flower essences and vibrational remedies. I believe in empowering my clients and friends and community to connect with the plants growing around them in their ‘backyard medicine garden’, to utilize food/ medicine plants to assist the innate wisdom of the body to heal disease and disconnection through connection.