AAS provides services to the general public through its Website, its e-mail Newsletter, its Journal, its annual course and conference (CMACC), its regional events and speaking engagements throughout the United States, and through communication with the AAS office.


Benefit #1: Subscription to the Journal of AAS
Your membership includes a subscription to the AAS Journal that is published quarterly and provides scientific information about apitherapy. This is sent via e-mail as a PDF document, which you can open and print or save.  In addition, you have the option, for an additional fee, of receiving the Journal in the mail as a hard copy.  You are given this option when you join and renew your membership. The Journal is a publication for members of the AAS only. The Journal is not available on newsstands and you must be a current member to receive it. The Journal of the AAS has information provided by members and by the scientific community on a wide variety of conditions and diseases. It also includes testimonials, editorials, and activities of AAS and its members. This Journal provides a unique service to AAS members, who come from both the United States and many other countries.

Benefit #2: Access to the Members Only Section of the AAS Website
Log in to the Members Only Section of the AAS website for articles from past AAS Journals, for the current Journals, as well as for material from previous courses and conferences. This section of the website cannot be accessed by the general public. When you join AAS, you receive the log-in information, and can retrieve it on the web if necessary. Please remember that you must be a current (with dues paid to date) member to get on the Members Only Section.  The Members Only Section also includes the Network, the Forum, and the Journal Blog, all summarized below.

Benefit #3: Participate in the Journal Blog on the Website
Members can post comments about the selected Journal articles on the “Members Only” Website. This Blog will allow communication from members, and serve as a means for people to share knowledge and ideas and to raise questions in response to the Journal articles. This spirit of community will be available to members from all over the world.

Benefit #4: Your questions answered by Apitherapy experts
You will have the opportunity to learn from the best. Your questions will be answered by our professional faculty members, who dedicate their time and knowledge to promoting Apitherapy and the education of the public. As a member, you may submit your question by Forum, e-mail, snail mail, or telephone. You will receive a response to your question, usually by the same method you have asked it. If you ask via the Website Forum, which is definitely the best method of asking, you may well receive several answers. We prefer use of the Website Forum as others can read it and benefit from the different questions and responses.

Benefit #5: Your Listing on our Network
As a member, you may be listed on our Network where you may be contacted for your experience with Apitherapy. You may be listed as a Practitioner, Beekeeper, or Patient/Family Member, with an e-mail address and/or phone number, as well as your city, state and country. You may register on the website to be on the Network when you join AAS or you may register at a later date. If your membership expires, your listing on the Network will be removed.

Benefit #6: Participate in the Apitherapy Forum on Facebook
As a member you will be able to post to our Forum, and read comments by all who respond.

Benefit #7: The fact that you are supporting Apitherapy
Your financial support, for membership and with donations, as well as your participation in AAS programs and activities, provides a means to sustain Apitherapy and to help AAS put this health care modality in the public realm.