The summer Calf

My daughter, a holistic horse veterinarian keeps a herd of grass-fed Scottish Highland cattle. One spring she purchased some cows to increase the herd. Unfortunately one of the cows was due to calve in the middle of summer. Now this is not a good time for Highlands to calve. The weather is entirely too hot and humid in Virginia, even in the mountains.

“Just slather it on,” I said. “The cow will just lick it off,” she said. “No she won’t” “The flies will get all over it.” “No they won’t.” So I simply smeared honey on both sides of the calf. The next morning my daughter was surprised to see that the cow had not cleaned it off and no flies were apparent.

The calf was smeared with honey twice a day. The maggots, of course, were gone. The skin was healing beautifully. Today you cannot see any traces of the “maggot attack.”

- Ann Harman, Flint Hill, VA
July 03, 2010