For nearly four 4 years our daughter, now 15, suffered from severe, scar-producing acne. We spent about $2,000 on various remedies – over-the-counter products like Noxzema and Clearasil, and ProActive, the prescription product popular with celebrities. Nothing seemed to work.

One day, at Bennett’s Honey Farm, where I work, I heard Reyah Carlson speak about propolis and other bee products. Even though our daughter is not one to try natural remedies, she realized that she had nothing to lose by giving propolis a try. That night she took two capsules. The next day her swelling had already started to go down and her face was no longer red.

Every human being is different, and we realized that chemicals were not suited to our daughter’s body. We are thrilled, and so is she. Her self-confidence is back.

She has also started taking two capsules of royal jelly a day for rejuvenation of her skin. I now take propolis myself at the first sign of a cold. It’s better than echinachea.

- Tonya Harris
January 07, 2009