BVT for psoriasis

Before I started apitherapy, my legs were pretty bad. I’ve had psoriasis for about 20 years and had tried doctors’ treatments and every over-the-counter remedy I could find. At best I would have remission, only to suffer a comeback of the condition and new patches. My shins were so awful that I refused to wear shorts. The itching was so strong that I would scratch myself and draw blood.

A friend and his wife were using apitherapy for entirely different conditions, so I asked whether it might be able to help me. I was at the “What have I got to lose?” point.

What I did was to gradually increase to 16 to 18 stings down both sides of my spine and stings directly on the patches on my legs. I had to start around the patches, as the skin was too tough for the bee stinger to go through. But after a while the hair grew back and the stinger was able to penetrate.

After just a few months my legs have healed wonderfully. The primary remaining indication is skin discoloration. No more itching(oh, thank you, Lord), scaling, or new patches. Other patches on my buttocks and back have healed or are healing without direct stinging. The “after” photo of May 4, 2006, shows a work in progress. The scaling is gone, and the remaining spots are almost extinguished.

I started with two sessions a week and am continuing the same schedule. Each day I apply a topical bee-products-based cream purchased through the “Bee People” network. I’ve also found creams like this at a honey farm’s commercial outlet.

Incidentally, my minor bouts of arthritis in my shoulders have stopped. That’s the frosting on the cake!

- Irl Henderson
January 07, 2009