BVT for a Skin Rash

I began to develop a rash on my body in February 2002. My dermatologist thought it might have been caused by a blood transfusion I had been given. The rash got progressively worse as the year went on, so much so that by December I was admitted to the hospital and given huge doses of prednisone. This made the rash less aggressive, but it remained with me. I was kept on a regiment of prednisone.

I then went to a specialist who thought it was caused by a parasite (dust mite). In addition, he said that my immune system was compromised because of chemotherapy and radiation I had received, following cancer surgery in early 2001.

I met Reyah Carlson in September 2004. She believed that my condition was due to excessive toxicity in my body and suggested bee stings, starting with 3 or 4 and gradually increasing to 22 to 25, twice a week. I wasn’t able to see her twice a week, only occasionally, but I did manage once a week most of the time for about nine months. After Reyah left California, I continued to get stings from Ray Seipel in Dr. Andrew Kochan’s office in Encino, California.

My rash is now completely gone. I continue to get stings one a month to improve my immune system and to keep in check a slight arthritic problem in my fingers.

I can’t emphasize enough how this has changed my life. The itching is gone, and so is the redness of my skin. I am so comfortable now, not having to worry about my appearance and, most of all, that irritable itching.

God bless His bees, and Reyah, for everything.
- Dan Ackel
January 07, 2009