BVT for Back and Scar Pain

1999 was the year that would change my life forever. After being a funeral director and an embalmer for 17 years, one day I woke up not being able to shut off my alarm clock because I had no feeling to my hand. After some medical tests and an MRI I learned that I had a ruptured disc in my cervical spine along with a herniated disc in my lower back. The journey that I would take over the next several years included 5 cervical surgeries, one lumbar surgery along with the placement of an intrathecal pump for chronic pain as well as plenty of physical therapy. Due to the repetitive surgeries along with my initial injuries I have been left permanently disabled with daily chronic pains. The intrathecal pain pump that was implanted in my abdomen and connects directly to my spine, helps cut the chronic pain but doesn’t eliminate all of the pain.

Now to fast forward to 2010: I am still disabled, but wanting something to do, I decided to learn how to become a hobby beekeeper. Well part of my beekeeping process was to join the Mecklenberg County Beekeepers Association as well as the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association, which is where I attended the State meeting on March 5 & 6, 2010. During that weekend state meeting there were several key note speakers but the one who sparked my interest over the others was on the topic of “Apitherapy” by Frederique Keller, L.Ac .Her presentation was amazing and I couldn’t wait to attend her practical workshop because I was riddling in pain since my intrathecal pain pump had stopped working all together a week before and I was waiting for it to be replaced. In the mean time, I was given oral painkillers which barely touched the pains that I was feeling. So after Frederique finished her lecture, I approached her at the stage to ask if it would be possible to receive some Bee Venom Therapy and she said that she would gladly try to help me. As we walked to the classroom where the workshop would be, I had discussed my past medical history with her and she assured me that I would be getting some relief with apitherapy.

As the workshop began, Frederique asked me to come to the front of the classroom, which was filled with beekeepers, and asked me to give my medical history to everyone. As I took off my shirt, it was obvious from the scars on my spine and back that I had been through many surgeries. Since I had only been stung once the year before by a honeybee, it was important that I received a test sting to make sure that I wasn’t allergic to it. I passed that test with flying colors. So after 5 minutes, I was asked where I hurt the most. I responded that I am in extreme pain from the small of my back and down both legs. Frederique than stung me on the right side of my spine at the level where I would wear my belt. I felt the pinch and then the burning of the venom. But within 5 minutes, I had no pain in the small of my back or any pains down my legs. I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not experienced it myself. I did get another sting at the top of my buttocks because I still had pains running through my pelvis and again within 5 minutes, those pains were gone. I was advised to get bee venom therapy 2 to 3 times a week as well as mini stings on the multiple scar lines on my back to improve my quality of life. I assured her that it wouldn’t be a problem since my friends and I are beekeepers and are willing to learn more about apitherapy. I have since spoken with Frederique days after the workshop and informed her that I was pain free for 10 to 12 hours. She was surprised that I had gotten relief for such a long time but was glad I did and even offered to treat me whenever I come to visit family on Long Island.

- Steven Coradini, North Carolina,
March 15, 2010