Baby with a Tumor

I engaged in a desperate attempt to help a baby with a tumor that members of the medical community viewed as inoperable and hopeless. They said the tumor was causing calcification that would spread to the eye, causing blindness, and then to the brain, and eventually causing death.

For 3 months I gave the baby continuous micro-stings (limited pricks or punctures with the “needle” of the sting removed from the bee) 3 times a week; she never cried during the procedure. I then applied a “real” sting to the tumor itself on the inside of her cheek. Before applying the sting, I swabbed the area with extract of propolis and let it sit for 5 minutes. Propolis has a powerful anesthetizing effect (it has been shown to be 10 times stronger than cocaine as a local anesthetic). The baby made a face, but there were no tears. As of the last report, the tumor has shrunk a lot, along with the external discoloration. The area is now soft – not hard the way it was before BVT.

- Reyah Carlson
January 07, 2009