Bone spur

In 1988 my wife had had a bone spur in her wrist for almost three years. Three doctors in Grenada and Barbados had been unable to provide relief.

So we decided to try BVT. Her treatment consisted of an application of three to six stings over and around the spur every other night for four months. Before each session, some crushed ice wrapped in a piece of cloth helped reduce the affected area’s sensitivity to the pain of the stings. The first week was frustrating, as the stings seemed to actually increase her discomfort. But we kept at it, and at the end of the second week she noticed a big reduction in the pain, as well as the absence of a feeling of “tension” (her word) around the area.

At the start of the second month the size of the concretion started to diminish, and by the end of the fourth month it had disappeared. Sixteen years later, she has had no recurrence at the site or elsewhere.

- Jorge Murillo-Yepes
January 07, 2009