An apiculturist’s friend was in despair, having been diagnosed with a malignant tumor too far advanced for possible surgical removal. The apiculturist took him to an apiary with the affected area uncovered. The first day a swarm of bees stung him in the affected area. He went to the apiary once a week. After a while, each time he was stung (I should say pricked) by fewer bees in that area, and the time came when no bees stung him at all. At that point the apiculturist advised him to go to a doctor, who was greatly surprised to learn that the tumor had disappeared.

We would like to study this effect on malignant tumors in rats, but we have not been able to start it; the Health Ministry lacks the needed funds. Ironic, isn’t it?

But for now, I recognize that bees have the gift of knowing where they must sting. Mother Nature is wise. Even so, physicians-acupuncturists must also know where to place the needles.

- Dr. Eduardo Lema
January 07, 2009