BVT for chronic pain

The clever, feisty little honeybee has changed my life. Never having been introduced to the high-spirited little ladies before, I am now, one year later, intimately connected to these healing sisters of nature.

At first, when Todd Hardie from Honey Gardens Apiaries identified the girls as a way of healing chronic pain, I was wary, even alarmed, at the idea of being voluntarily stung by a bee. But Todd’s wisdom and relentless encouragement led me to give it a try. Thus did I meet a major healer in my long search and deepening relationship with many forms of alternative healing, as Todd introduced me to Frederique Keller—acupuncturist, apitherapist, and healer.

With her expertise and faith in the healing power of BVT and the requisite sense of humor and courage to do this work, Frederique set about to help me feel better and begin to heal. This is what I have done and continue to do. My health has definitely improved. I have more energy, more stamina. For someone in relentless pain, I’m capable of something very empowering. With the bee stings, I feel I can manage the pain. A debilitating pain in my neck and upper back becomes tamed. Difficulty walking because my knees hurt big time is relieved, and the stairs seem easier. Hurtful arms and hands are released so I can hold a book to read and do what I enjoy the most—draw and paint. No, the pain is not entirely gone. I have a mere one year of bee therapy compared with 18 years of struggle, but given the rapid improvement in one year, the odds are pretty good for a lasting and complete recovery with continued care.

Finally, a word about what I call “the energetics” —the bees. They seem to bring to me a life force that was depleted. I don’t know the chemical components of their healing venom, but I do know that I’ve experienced something elusive yet tangible. I think of it as a light wave entering my body. It courses its way from the site of the sting to whatever needs to be healed, released, and finally let go of. It’s like being vaccinated by nature. Thousands of years of healing energy straight from the source is contained in each sting, and I can access this to make my tired, ill body better. In a word, there is HOPE.

I can’t fully describe what I’ve been taught and what has been communicated to my body through this close relationship with a high form of feminine energy. It’s not lost on me that the “girls” die once they have generously healed me. They give their lives so I can have a better one: no small feat for such a tiny creature. There’s an inexplicable, awesome order to this. Sometimes after a bee has shared her life force with me, she’ll fly near where I’m sitting and allow me to pet her soft silky back. I feel the tiny flutter of her wings on my finger. I say thank you, and she seems to take a tiny bow, or so I like to think.

- Teddy Shevack
January 07, 2009