Treatment at Apitherapy Course

In February 2005 I received two bee stings on my right lower back for chronic pain that I have had for years. The stinging was done by AAS board member Jim Higgins during the Charles Mraz Apitherapy Course in Los Angeles. Here it is a year later, and my back continues to feel great! I had previously been treated with acupuncture, physical therapy, and muscle relaxants, with no relief.

In early May, I treated a 71-year-old friend who has severe osteoarthritis of the right hip. She had great difficulty walking, and she dragged her right leg as the pain radiated down to her big toe. I administered two bee stings a week apart. With the second sting, she felt almost immediate relief. Since then she has been able to walk normally with no difficulty and no pain. She is even dancing! She is enormously grateful for this treatment and for the wonderful bees.

I have administered BVT to several people in the San Antonio area and a man from the Houston area. All have had excellent results. I encourage everyone to use the products of the hive, in combination with proper nutrition.

- Fidelia Rodriguez, LVN
January 07, 2009