Arthritis and honey

About five years ago my husband and I treated a lady with severe arthritis in both her knees. Because she was unable to walk, she was quite heavy. She used two canes and couldn’t stand for more than a minute. And she was unable to drive, so her son drove her to us. She came only infrequently, as they were poor-she would come when they could afford the gas, which was anywhere from every week to every other month. Because her visits were inconsistent, we used a fairly drastic treatment. When we stung her, we did both knees and administered many stings, up to five to eight on each side. We advised her to drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins, as well as chamomile and other calming herbal teas. She used raw honey to help the itching from the stings, and lots of ice to reduce the swelling.

The last time I saw her, after about a year of treatment, she was in great spirits, she was able to drive, and she stood and talked to me for more than an hour without her canes. Because she needed less help and could be left alone, her son was now able to go to work. I’m sure this reduced their financial strain, and this development may have been part of her holistic healing.

Admittedly her treatment was drastic, and I probably wouldn’t advise anyone to adopt this example. And yes, there will be swelling and discomfort-when we start treatment, we must be willing to accept this discomfort as part of the healing. But BVT does work on arthritis. Helping our patients through this difficult time can be a comfort to them, and reminding them of the healing crisis will help them get through it. It is always my hope that people will at least consider natural healing before using chemical and surgical methods.

- Kathi Glen
January 07, 2009