The angels of agriculture: BVT for arthritis

“Ouch, that one really, really hurt!”

That one was the kidney point representing fear.” . This is what my acupuncturist/bee venom therapist said after stinging me with a bee. Acupuncture is based on releasing stuck energy through meridian points in the body. With bee venom therapy, the process is greatly enhanced.

I was introduced to BVT last October while apprenticing at Honey Gardens Apiaries. During my week there extracting and bottling honey and wrapping hives, I was stung several times. My co-workers informed me that bees are divinely inspired to sting at points where your body needs attention. I was fascinated, and I wanted to learn more. Todd Hardie, president of Honey Gardens , explained how he stings people deliberately-the healing art of BVT.

I told Todd of my physical struggles, and he consulted his acupuncturist/BVT teacher regarding a plan for stings. We began the process right away. I was stung in several meridian points. Todd told me that I reacted well: I was swollen, red, and itchy for several days. But the pain from the arthritis in my knees subsided.

I learned that for it to be really effective, the stinging needs to be done regularly for a period of time determined necessary. A few months later, I spent three weeks with Todd’s acupuncturist friend and experienced freedom in many ways. I had never before realized how emotions such as fear and sorrow can affect health.

I will continue to seek healing from the bees by ordering my own bees and stinging myself as needed.

I am amazed at the many healing facets of the bee. Bee venom therapy is just one of these.

- Mary Lokers
January 07, 2009