BVT for Arthritis

At age 68 I have long tried to stay in physical shape by playing racquetball twice a week, occasionally walking 18 holes of golf, and hiking—including climbing Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu two years ago. And as a 14-year cancer survivor, I pay close attention to any new or unusual pain or feeling. Mid-summer last year, an increasing pain in my left foot became so severe that it caused me to begin falling on the racquetball court. That sent me to an orthopedist’s office. A stress fracture? Bone cancer? X-rays and then a bone scan led my doctor to say “no” to those possibilities. “You have arthritis in your foot. Take some extra-strength Tylenol.” I did, but I did not get any relief.

Fortunately I read an article about bee venom therapy, and upon further inquiry I learned that the AAS was about to hold an apitherapy course. So in September my brother and fellow beekeeper, Jimmy, and I headed to Salt Lake City, where we were introduced to the ancient world of healing modalities for pain relief, MS, arthritis, shingles: apitherapy.

Back home after completing the course, I began stinging myself, sometimes with Jimmy’s help, two or three times a week. I used “mini” stings in four or five places on my foot at points identified by Frederique Keller, my newfound acupuncturist/apitherapist friend. Within minutes of the first sting, the pain in my foot was almost gone. Over the next several weeks, the pain between stings was reduced by 95% or more. Some discomfort and an occasional shooting pain occurred when I was just standing or sitting, but what a difference! I also began taking one or two 400-mg capsules of propolis, pollen, and royal jelly.

I remain ready to use BVT whenever old “Mr. Arthritis” comes around, and I am willing to try and help anyone who needs BVT. Am I better? I hardly ever notice any pain from my left foot. 99% improvement is darn good!

- Fountain Odom
January 07, 2009