Honey Gardens

My path as an aspiring herbalist has brought me to the Honey Gardens family in time to join in the fall harvest. As the bees work to build up a secure winter cache, we work hard beside them, ensuring their winter survival while also gathering honey. When I arrived, I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease, received from a deer tick while in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. With my energy low and joints stiff, on certain days it was quite painful to work. At Honey Gardens, I soon became aware of the treatment called bee venom therapy, where bee stings on varying pressure points and meridians of the body can help to remedy ailments such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Lyme disease. After being stung for several weeks now, I feel a dramatic increase in life energy and a decrease in stiffness in my joints.

Some people believe that bees have a divine way of stinging you where it is needed the most. This has been my experience. On a two-day trip to gather honey, I received a great many stings. One memorable sting was when a bee crawled inside my boot and stung my inner ankle, on an acupuncture point where I have been receiving bee venom therapy, known as spleen six.

I truly have been blessed by working with the bees, not only learning more about them and their sweet gifts, but also receiving the strong healing qualities they share with us.

- Dave Stier
January 07, 2009