Bee sting therapy has made a believer out of me! My apitherapist, Reyah Carlson, has produced some amazing healing for calcified tendonitis in my right shoulder. An MRI showed the problem in late 2003, right after I’d strained my shoulder lifting heavy luggage. Despite six weeks of physical therapy, there was still very limited range-of-motion in my shoulder and pain when I tried to raise my arm to do simple things like wash my hair.

Having known Reyah for many years, I finally decided that conventional medicine was not working. I’m not afraid of bees, but I was reluctant to try apitherapy. I shouldn’t have been, because Reyah was excellent – she carefully explained the process and how the venom works, and she increased the number of stings over several weeks, so I never had a big reaction or was too afraid to continue. For about four months in early 2004, I had a total of about 200 stings. The painful places where the calcifications had been embedded in the tendons no longer hurt, and I could raise my arm fully. I could also resume my gym workout and move the shoulder during my running without pain.

I now get monthly touch-ups of a few stings just to keep the calcifications from lodging again and creating a problem. I’m very pleased and grateful for what bee sting therapy did for me, and I would not hesitate to use it on another part of my body if I have problems in the future.

- Karen Bates
January 07, 2009