BVT for a hand injury

My wife, Joan, age 50, has had epilepsy since she was 18. There is no warning when she is about to have seizure, and she often falls unexpectedly.

In the spring of 1995 Joan fell and dislocated two knuckles on her right hand. After a trip to the emergency room, she was told by the orthopedist that she needed physical therapy to gain control of her hand. She had about 20% range of motion in her fingers. At best she could almost form the number seven with her right hand. Making a fist was impossible. She tried to learn how to write left-handed, as she could not hold a pen.

After six weeks of physical therapy, Joan had gained about 10% more range of motion in her hand. Her knuckles were swollen to three times their normal size, and she was in constant pain. Her doctor said that she would have arthritis in her hand and would most likely be in pain for the rest of her life.

I had known Pat and Ray Wagner for over 20 years. Although I was aware that they were stinging people for various problems, mostly MS, I hadn’t thought about having Joan get stung until Pat and I spoke on the phone and she suggested that we come by to have her sting Joan’s hand.

Pat gave Joan two bee stings in her knuckles, and we waited for the bee venom to work into her hand. Pat was understanding about the pain and did everything possible to minimize it, but she continued to have “that smile” she has when stinging someone: she knows that the pain is nothing compared with the benefits we get from the stings.

We chatted for about 30 minutes until Pat removed the stingers. To our amazement, the swelling in Joan’s hand had already subsided by at least 50%. After another half hour, at Pat’s request, Joan made a fist and started to cry. This, Pat said, is why she calls them “God’s Bees”!

Eleven years later, Joan has been stung several more times. In 1999 she fell and shattered her ankle, needing 23 pins to put it back together. After surgery and removal of the final cast, our first treatment was with Pat and Ray. Since then, Joan has had her ankle stung several times, again with amazing results. She recently developed some ankle pain, so it’s time to visit Pat and Ray again.

I too have taken advantage of God’s bees and have had my back stung a few times a year to help with five herniated disks. I also have my knees stung at least twice a year and have had stings in other places that cause me pain. People I know who have seen Pat and Ray for various problems have also had positive results.

And Joan’s hand? She has never had any more swelling, problems with range of motion, or pain since her first stings. God’s Bees are truly amazing.
- John Sherbert
January 07, 2009