How my injuries were healed by bee stings and honey treatments

In mid-2004, while training for a marathon, I fell down a flight of stairs and was rushed to a local emergency room. I was X-rayed and diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my right knee. With severe pain, I could barely walk. Heating pads, knee wraps, and massage equipment became a central part of my life.

I visited the local hospital’s orthopedic department head, who immediately scheduled me for surgery in September. Stunned by the sudden diagnosis, I decided to do more research and get a second opinion. As a believer in alternative medicine, I did not want to opt for surgery without considering other possibilities.

My herbalist suggested prolotherapy, a treatment for chronic pain, which I’d never heard of. Research on the techniques and doctors associated with it led me to Dr. Andrew Kochan’s website. His reaction to my condition was to look at my X-rays before providing treatment. He recommended first trying apitherapy and then reviewing my injuries as we progressed. After testing to be sure I wasn’t allergic to bee venom, I started a series of bee stings on my knee. I have since completed four marathons and several half-marathons, all pain-free. I exercise and train daily basis. I have lots of energy and lead a healthy life.

In June 2007, while running uphill I landed wrong on my left foot. My Achilles tendon was injured and painful. I went back to Dr. Kochan for more apitherapy. I did well after only a few treatments and began training again with my group for another marathon.

In October 2007 in a car accident, my body was thrown around and dragged like a rag doll. I sustained a severe abrasion to my left foot over the great toe, bruises from my waist down on my body, and second-degree abrasion and burns and a hematoma the size of an orange on my right arm.

I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where X-rays determined that nothing was broken. The next day my doctor prescribed silver sulfadiazine ointment and Betadine wash. When I said I would be using honey for my burn, he looked at me as if I were crazy; he had never heard of such a thing. I was told that the wound might need skin grafting in a couple of months.

That was not going to happen. Instead, I went home and called Dr. Kochan’s office. Meanwhile, I took charge of my own healing. I washed the burn wound with saline wash, used clean gauze and applied honey to the wound, and wrapped the wound with non-stick wound gauze. For the bruising and swelling, I started taking Arnica montana (a perennial herb) three times a day for about two weeks, together with Bromelia, a pineapple enzyme. Bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis also became part of my daily routine.

That evening, I received a call from Dr. Kochan’s assistant, Ray, and I recited my homemade treatment. At an appointment the next day, Dr. Kochan checked for infection of the wound and encouraged me to continue the wound dressing of honey on the burns. I did these daily, and Dr. Kochan or Ray examined the healing twice a week. In addition, I received bee stings on my right arm around the hematoma and on my lower back, which had been twisted in the accident and continued to be painful.

All the bruising and swelling subsided in record time: just two weeks. The skin is healed and the color is almost back on my arm. I did not need a skin graft. The abrasion over the ankle took a little more time, but it too healed completely within six weeks—again, no graft needed.

I am enormously grateful to have found apitherapy and honey treatments. I think we should all stock our home cabinets with an extra bottle of honey for emergencies. I keep a supply of honey and any honey products that I can find.

Thank you, Ray and Dr. Kochan!
- Velma Thomas
January 07, 2009