BVT for back pain

In April 2000 I hurt my back lifting and testing computers in a large nationwide retail store. Eventually surgery was needed on C3 and C4, C5 and C6, and C6 and C7. After the first surgery I inexplicably began to have strong spasms and tremors followed by severe pain. A second surgery was needed to remove radical bone spurs pushing in to the cervical spinal cord. Afterwards, the spasms and tremors came back, lasting for hours at a time after all the medication had worn off, causing severe pain and extreme discomfort.

Two and a half years later-living with the tremors and massive pain and, as a result of the medication, feeling as though I was in a fog-I decided to wean myself off of all the medication and to see what would happen. I did this over a two-month period. I definitely felt much better emotionally, but the pain in my neck and lower back persisted, down my neck to my tail bone and down my leg to the bottom of my feet; my toes were going numb. After several months of this, I had reached the point of calling my doctor and going back on pain medication.

Then came a phone call to my wife’s business from a client asking for an appointment for her taxes. She asked how I was doing; for a couple of years she had been trying to get me to come to her home for bee therapy. It was Reyah Carlson, our local apitherapist. I said that I was doing terribly, was in a lot of pain, and was having a horrendous time trying to walk. Each step was a task, like pulling weights behind me. My legs felt really tired, and the pain had returned with a vengeance in my neck, lower back, and legs.

A chronology of my bee venom therapy, starting in February 2005:

1st week

At the end of this week, the pain was virtually gone in my upper and lower back.

2nd week

I no longer used my cane for short walks-only for long ones. I was able to walk without extreme fatigue in my lower extremities.

4th week

I was able to sit on a chair in church without having to leave early because of the pain from sitting upright.

5th week

I went to the barber for the first time in two and a half years. I also drove to the store and picked up some small items for my wife and myself.

6th week

I started taking propolis for my stomach. I have been on Nexium for nearly 12 years. I will take it for three to six months; my personal goal is to see if I can wean myself from it. I also started taking royal jelly. It gives me added energy, and I feel good-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This was after being house-, couch-, La-Z-Boy-, and bed-bound for nearly two and a half years after surgery, even to the point of fearing I would end up losing my driver’s license.

8th week

I purposely missed these sessions to see how my body would do. To my surprise, I did quite poorly. I made up my mind to start back the following week. I won’t skip any more sessions.

9th week

As of now I have a lot of energy and feel like a crisp $100 bill!

A word to the wise: be sure to pace yourself during your bee sting sessions so you don’t have setbacks. Reyah was my witness to these grueling times, and she helped me through them.

As miraculous as all this seems, I should give credit where credit is due-to God for giving us the bees, to my church family and all the prayers that have been said for me, and especially to my darling wife (who is my best friend) for all her sacrifices. Without her, I don’t know what I would have done. My utmost respect goes to spouses who are seeing their partner through some of those most difficult of times of their lives.
- Gerald Emshwiller
January 07, 2009